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Many of you may have read or heard about morning routines for the rich. Maybe something called the millionaire morning. But what about the six figure morning?

You see I have read numerous articles, looked at statistics, and have practiced many morning routines in an attempt to gain more discipline, performance, and better results in my emotional, physical, and finance health. And while I may not agree that a morning routine will make you a millionaire, I do believe it can help one begin to build six figure wealth along with many other benefits. For those of you who don't know what six figure wealth looks like, it looks something along the lines of $100,000+. But before we dive in to exactly what the six figure morning routine is, let's look at a few reasons why you should consider changing your morning routine.

Research has shown that many of the worlds top performers have a morning routine in which they wake up several hours before work. By doing so they are able to set up their day for success along with create several more hours of useable time. Below are just a few of the worlds top performers and CEO's:

  • Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple wakes up at 03:45 am everyday to workout, have a morning coffee, and to read emails prior to starting his work day.

  • Dwayne Johnson known by many as "The Rock", wakes up early and hits the gym by 04:00 am prior to starting his work day.

  • Starbucks executive, Howard Schultz wakes up at 04:30 am, and starts his day off with walking his dogs, exercise, and a morning coffee.

  • Warren Buffet wakes up at 06:45 hours, and starts his morning off reading his morning newspaper.

  • Elon Musk wakes up at 07:00 am and starts his day off checking his email, taking his kids to school, showering, and then going to the office.

While you can see many of the successful people listed above have different morning routines, one thing they all share in common is waking up early. And keep in mine that these are just a few of the many successful people around the world who wake up early to achieve more out of their days.

So by now you may be thinking what exactly is the six figure morning? The six figure morning is a morning routine in which I created for myself to practice discipline and achieve more out of my day. It consist of me waking up at 04:30 am five days a week. However waking up early is just one part of the six figure morning routine in which I practice. By waking up at 04:30 am, it creates an extra two hours in my day, allowing me to perform my morning routine, and start my morning off right.

I start off my morning by spending the first 10 minutes thinking about my day and focusing on the important things I need to get done. During this time, I like to enjoy the peace and quiet, and think about my short term and long term goals I have set for myself. This is also the time I will typically read one financial article or blog post.

I then begin my day with an hour workout. This workout typically takes place from 5am to 6am. This workout consist of both weight lifting and cardio, usually with cardio in the latter half.

Once I complete my morning workout, I return home, shower, and eat breakfast. My usual breakfast typically consist of a protein shake and a banana. I may also brew a morning coffee depending on how I am feeling that morning.

***Note: Make sure you drink water throughout the morning to make sure you hydrate and feel your best for the day ahead of you.***

Lastly I grab my home made lunch, kiss my wife good bye, and take off for work.

And that my fellow Wise Financial Men and Women is my morning routine! Now you may be wondering how long I have been doing the routine along with the results of performing such a routine.

I have been doing the six figure morning routine for over a month now. This has been my own personal results from the six morning routine:

  1. I have noticed I am a lot more discipline with my time, money, diet, and goals.

  2. I enjoy my morning workout in which lets me clear my head.

  3. I have lost close to 10 pounds.

  4. I now do not spend money on starbucks or other breakfast places due to waking up earlier and having time in the morning to eat at home.

  5. I bring my lunch to work and make sure I eat it everyday saving me $10+ dollars a day.

  6. By reflecting on my goals and thinking about my road to financial freedom, I now do not spend money throughout the day on random purchases such as energy drinks.

  7. I have invested $800 and started a dividend portfolio with the money I am saving from eating at home.

  8. I feel a lot more productive with my days, and truly feel like I get more things done.

  9. I enjoy my quiet time early in the mornings before my day starts. It is the calm before the storm.

  10. And lastly, by starting my day early, and completing everything I need to get done, I am able to spend a lot more quality time with my wife.

These are just some of the results I have noticed. Only time will tell however I will continue my six figure morning routine. Additionally I truly believe performing the six figure routine will lead to me adding an additional $100,000+ to my net worth over several years along with living a healthier life style, having a happier marriage, and being more mentally sane!

Now some of you may think to yourselves, "No way in hell can I wake up at 04:30 am in the morning." And while it seems impossible, I promise you can do it. If the Wise Financial Man's wife can wake up early in which she loves to sleep in, then you can wake up early too. It all depends on your discipline level, your drive, and your desire to achieve your goals.

So with that said, I challenge my readers, all of the Wise Financial Men and Women to take the Wise Financial Man's challenge, and begin the six figure morning routine. Who knows... it may literally be a $100,000 morning routine for you.

Remember this is the routine that works for me and my schedule. If there is something else that works for you, try implementing it into your schedule. By completing the six figure morning routine, I have become more disciplined and have gained better results in my emotional, physical, and best of all financial health. And whether you want to call it the six figure morning, the millionaire morning, or even the billionaire morning, I promise you that taking the challenge will benefit your life in way or another. I look forward to your comments and emails on how the six figure morning routine changed your life!

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