The perfect amount to spend on Valentine's Day

Updated: Jan 22, 2020

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As Valentine's Day quickly approaches, I often see people running around the mall like busy bees, trying to find the perfect Valentine's Day gift. Usually people are stressing about what to get their significant other. But what is Valentine's Day truly about? Is it about spending time with the ones you love? Is it about saying thank you for all that you do? Maybe for you it's about celebrating that special connection. Or is it about the flashy gifts, the diamond necklace, the expensive perfume, and the pearl earrings?... Is there a way to do both with out breaking the bank? What is that perfect dollar amount to spend on Valentine's Day?

When people ask me, "How much should I spend?" or "What to get their significant other?", the first thing I always suggest is to look at their personality. Is your significant other simple or flashy? Would they prefer a box of chocolates and flowers, or are they expecting expensive perfume and fine jewelry? Would your significant other rather have gifts, or would they like to spend time with you over a nice dinner out? Do they hate crowds? Would they rather have a nice home cooked meal at home? And lastly, do you have any significant traditions that they may love? That may include going back to the restaurant you had your very first date at, vistitng the beach you guys had your first sunset walk, or watching that movie you guys watched on your first date, you get the picture...

The second part is considering what your financial standing is. Do you have the money to spend or are you expecting to have to pay with a credit card, take out a loan, etc.? Obviously if you don't have the money on hand, that is probably a red flag not to go overboard. Likewise, a struggling college student is not going to spend as much as someone making 100k plus a year. Why put yourself in debt, putting stress on your future self, when there are so many other options she will probably love. Now I get it, if it's a big anniversary, or your getting engaged you may be able to splurge a bit, but even then, you should really avoid racking up any debt.

A few of you are still pressing for a dollar amount, trying to figure out what everyone else is spending... If you really must know, in 2018, the average american spent an estimated 100 dollars on Valentine's Day. This year it is estimated the average american will spend 120 dollars. Some spent more, some spent less.

The point I'm trying to make here is there is no perfect dollar amount to spend on Valentine's Day. You know your significant other better than anyone else. It's not always about the money. Although you may be feeling the pressure from peers, commercials, etc., there are probably a million other things she or he would love that doesn't consist of breaking the bank. Take some time and reflect what is truly important to your significant other. If they like to spend some time alone with you, take them out to a nice dinner. Get them a small box of chocolates and flowers before hand just to show you are thinking about them on this day. However, avoid debt at all costs. In the end, enjoy your time together and remember what Valentine's Day is all about!

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