Have you ever heard or thought about buying a Brita Water Filtration System? You are not alone. You see over 30,000 people google the word "Brita" alone a month. So what is all this hype about? I mean is the Brita worth it? Is it worth investing your hard earned money into one of these water filtering systems? Let me help answer these questions for you.

You see my wife and I have owned a Brita Water Filtration System for over three years now. By now I know the pros and cons of owning a Brita. And best of all I am a non biased party, and in no means sponsored by Brita. What does this mean for you? It means you will get a honest review of this product.

So let's jump in starting off with the actual product. You can own the starting Brita Everyday Pitcher for around $26.99 from Amazon. Personally I have the larger 10 cup Brita Grand Pitcher which cost around $28.95 on Amazon. And before we continue on, if you are considering getting a Brita, I highly suggest spending a few more dollars to get the Brita Grand Pitcher. It holds more water which trust me, goes quickly. As well as has the electronic system built in to the pitcher lid that notifies you when it's time to change your filter. Three years later, and mine still notifies me when it's time to change the filter.

Additionally the Brita Everyday Pitcher has nearly 5,000 review on Amazon with a 4.5 star review. The 10 Cup Brita Grand Pitcher has nearly 2,000 reviews with a 4 star review.

And lastly the cost to maintain your Brita Water Pitcher will depend on the amount of water you drink. According to Brita.com, Brita recommends changing your filter every 40 gallons of water or two months for the average house hold for optimal performance. Personally we try to get three to four months out of each filter in which we truly believe each filter continues to work during that time frame. If you have ever owned a Brita, you know that overtime, the pitcher takes longer and longer to filter the water. Usually that's good sign that it's time to change the filter.

You can buy the Brita Standard Replacement Filter 4 pack for around $16.99 on Amazon. When it comes to this product, buy the 3 or 4 pack as opposed to the 1 Brita Filter at a time. Because it does save you money. According to Brita, the 4 filter pack should only last you around 8 months. But I can tell you we drink a lot of water, and that last us well over a year. Not to shabby right? $16.99 for a year supply of filtered water.

So now with the cost of the Brita Pitcher and the Brita water filters aka the cost to maintain it out of the way... Let's look at the Pros and Cons of the Water Brita Pitcher. Below is the list my Wife and I came up with after owning the Brita Water Pitcher for 3 years.

Pros of the Brita Water Pitcher

  • Brita Helps Save Me Money

  • Brita Reduces Plastic Consumption

  • Brita allows me to have Filtered Water on Demand.

  • The Brita is Easy to Maintain

Cons of the Brita Water Pitcher

  • Need to fill Your Water Bottle Before Leaving the House

  • Have to Clean the Brita

  • Sometimes you have to Wait for Water if a lot of People use it at once

So for those of you that have to run off, I hope that helps. And for those of you that are still interested, below I will break down each bullet point and explain exactly what I mean!

Pro #1: Brita Helps Save Me Money

Let me say my favorite point about owning a Brita Water Pitcher is it has saved me hundreds of dollars a year! And when I say hundreds, I literally mean hundreds if not thousands! Prior to meeting my beautiful wife, I use to drink anywhere from 5 to 8 plastic water bottles a day.

Let's take the average and say I use to drink 6 plastic water bottles a day.

6 plastic water bottles a day x 7 days a week = 42 plastic water bottles a week.

A 24 case of Aquafina plastic water bottles cost $4.99 plus the crv tax for each plastic bottle.

24 plastic bottles x .05 crv per bottle = $1.20 in CRV tax (Which you could redeem at a recycle center if you have the time)

That's over $6 a case of water. And I was going through almost 2 cases of water a week just by my self. That's almost $12 a week in plastic water bottles!!!

$12 a week in plastic water bottles x 52 weeks = $624 a year!

And keep in mind once again that $624 is just for myself alone!

If you add up the amount of plastic water bottles a typical family house hold drinks a year, you are well over $1,000 a year.

Fun Fact: According to ReadersDigest.com, plastic water bottles have a 4000% mark up. That is insane. Could you imagine if there was a type of investment that yielded a 4000% return!

Now back to how Brita saves me money. We typically buy 4 water filters a year. Those 4 water filters a year along with the Brita Water Filter supplies filtered water to my wife, myself, and two adult roommates.

The initial investment of $28 dollars for a Brita Water Pitcher (which is the initial and one time investment) plus $17 dollars a year in 4 Brita Water Filters = $45 dollars a year for filtered water.

$45 dollars a year compared to $1,000 dollars a year in plastic water bottles is almost a $950 dollars savings. And keep in mind that the $1,000 dollars would be a very low end estimate for the amount of plastic water bottles 4 adults would consume.

Year 2 would only cost $17 dollars for the year if you were to continue using the Water Brita Pitcher. This is due to the initial $28 dollar Brita Water Pitcher investment being completed in year one. You can see how much money my wife and I save by using the water pitcher. We have literally saved several thousand dollars in the past three years by adopting and incorporating a Brita Water Pitcher in to our lives.

Pro #2: Brita Reduces Plastic Consumption

There is no doubt in my mind that Brita Water Pitchers reduces the amount of plastic consumption. Below are just a few facts Brita.com provides for us:

  1. According to Brita, 2000 water bottles are consumed per second on planet earth.

  2. Current projections show there will be more water bottles than fish in the ocean by the year 2050.

  3. And lastly you can reduce up to 900 plastic water bottles with one Long Last Brita Water Filter!

Those statistics are pretty impressive to me! I will be the first one to admit I am not the most eco friendly person! But to be quite honest, if there are small changes that we can make that result in big changes for the world, then we should take them! And it's as easy as reducing our water bottle consumption and using a water filtration system.

Pro #3: Brita Allows me to have Filtered Water on Demand

Have you ever been thirsty at home, go to the fridge to get a water bottle, only to find you are out water bottles? That is no longer a problem with the Brita. All you have to do is refill your Brita every time or every other time you use it. You will always have fresh filtered water on demand as long as you have a running source of water at your house hold.

Pro #4: The Brita is Easy to Maintain

Lastly, the Brita is easy to maintain. I clean my Brita every time I change the filter. The cleaning includes a head to tow cleaning in which I break my Brita apart. I then take hot water and soap and wash the inside and outside thouraghly. Lastly i put the system back together, install a new Brita filter, add water, and it's good to go. As simple as that! Totally cleaning time is about 5 minutes!

Now as many of you know, I attempt to be as unbiased as possible! With every product, there are always pros and cons. After using the Brita for three years, below are my three biggest complaints!

Con #1: Need to Fill Your Water Bottle Before Leaving the House

The biggest con with deciding to go plastic bottle free and buying a Brita is making sure to fill your water bottle before you leave your house or apartment! There is an easy solution to this problem however you need to make sure you make it a habit. The solution to this problem is buying a water bottle that you like, that holds enough water while you are out and about. You will need a water bottle that keeps your water cool as well.

My wife actually solved this solution by buying us both our own Hydroflask. At first I was skeptical of the price of the Hydroflask, especially because I don't like to waste money on products that I believe may be a fad. However I was very wrong. My wife has now had her Hydroflask for over two years and I have had mine for over a year. And let me tell you these things are tanks! I have dropped mine numerous times, which has resulted in small dents, however they keep on working. And the best part is my wife bought me the larger one which provides me water all day while at work, and it keeps my water nice and cool whether I leave it in the car or not.

Now fore warning they are not the cheapest option with the Hyrdroflask costing around $42.95 on Amazon. And if you decide to buy one I highly recommend buying the flip up straw lid attachment that is called "The Mass Wide Mouth Straw Lid Compatibility Most Sports Water Bottle" which cost another $12.93 on Amazon, but let me tell you it is a must have accessory. My Hydroflask holds about 40oz of water which is about two and a half water bottles. That typically last me all day while I'm at work and saves approximately 3 plastic water bottles while I am gone. It definitely is an investment however allows me to bring my Brita water on the go. And if you can not afford a Hydroflask or it's going to force you to buy it on a credit card (which I never advise), there are cheaper options with amazing reviews however I have not personally used these items. One of the very popular options is the "Vmini Water Bottle with New Wide Handle Straw Lid, Wide Mouth Vacuum Insulated 18/8 Stainless Steel, 32 oz" with nearly 1000 plus 5 star ratings costing around $23.99 on Amazon with the straw attachment already included.

So while sometimes I remember last second that I need to fill my Hydroflask with the Brita before I leave the house, it is definitely doable and easy. It saves me from having to buy plastic water bottles from the grocery store or gas stations. And once it is completed, it actually reminds me to drink water while I am out and about.

Con #2: Have to Clean the Brita

Yes when you own the Brita, you should probably clean it periodically. For sanitary purposes alone clean it occasionally. I have seen reviews where people say they have had mold in their Brita's. I have no clue how that happens unless you seriously neglect your Brita. Like I said earlier in the article, I clean mine every few months when I install a new Brita Filter, and I have never seen an ounce of mold in mine.

But sometimes I really don't feel like taking the extra 5 minutes on my weekend to clean the Brita. But once I do, the water taste amazing and I don't have to do it for another few months. But that would be my second complaint with the Brita. Like anything you do need to clean it periodically.

Con #3: Sometimes You Run Out of Water if a lot of People Use it at Once

My third complaint which once again is not a very big complaint is periodically I do have to wait a minute for the Brita to refill. Especially if I forget to add water after the last time I used it or if a lot of people are over at one time. A good example of this is when my Wife and I go to the gym. We may have a glass of water before, then use some of the water to make a pre workout, and then fill our Hydroflask for the gym. Typically by then the Brita may or may not be out of water. And if it is, we do need to wait a minute for it to refill. Not a big problem but periodically it does happen.

The other example of this issue is when he have a party for out family or friends. We still remain true to our cause and eco friendly however we have to come up with other solutions. Are favorite solution that looks way classier than water bottles is we bought three glass vase pitchers with cork tops. You may have seen these at restaurants or in weddings. We will fill all three in the morning of the party or event, and put them in the fridge so they are nice and cold when people arrive. Like I said I personally like them because they look good, save us money, and are eco friendly, however being as unbiased as possible, it was a problem that we needed to figure out a solution for. We have something very similar to "IKEA 902.797.19 Carafe With Stopper, 3.54 x 11.02 x 3.54 inches, Clear Glass" which cost around $11.03 on Amazon. But if you do not like the look, a second easy option would be "NiceBottles - Glass Half Gallon Jug, Pack of 2" which cost close to $17.99 on Amazon and provide two half gallon glass jugs.

So by now you may be thinking is the Brita worth it? Is it worth investing your hard earned money in to a Brita Water Pitcher?

For my Wife and I, I can tell you it is absolutely worth it. We have fully committed to the Brita system and it has absolutely been worth it. We have had our Brita Water Pitcher for three years, and in that time it has saves us thousands of dollars, and yes I mean thousands. Additionally it has allowed us to be more eco friendly reducing our plastic waste. Between 4 adults in out household, I would estimated it has easily saved us at least 5,000 plastic water bottles. Additionally we always have water on hand and we really enjoy using the Brita Water Pitcher. Yes we have had to be creative and think outside fo the box on a few small problems, however we will never go back.

In our options, Brita really killed it with their Water Pitcher idea! And we really do believe Brita is Changing the World one Brita at a time! If you have a Brita we would love to hear your reviews! Feel free to comment below! I hope you enjoyed this article and hopefully it has helped to make a decision if you are considering buying a Brita!

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