10 Cheap Ideas For Dates

Updated: Jan 27

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After writing two of my latest post, “Budgeting for Success” and “The Frugal Mindset” I have received numerous emails for tips and tricks on a variety of subjects! One of them being cheap ideas for dates. I was taken away by how many personal emails I received and some of the comments left on, “The Frugal Mindset” that I decided to list my top 10 cheap ideas for dates!

Now before we dive in to my top 10 cheap ideas for dates, let’s look at a few of the factors we need to consider prior to choosing. First and foremost, they need to be cost efficient. Many of you are either trying to adapt the frugal lifestyle, stay on budget, work hard and don’t have the money to spend on $100 dates, or are broke college students. All which are fine, so we will attempt to keep cost as low as possible.

Next we will consider both indoor and outdoor dates. Some people may prefer staying in the house which is perfectly fine, while others would much rather be outside doing something. So I want to assure those looking for cheap ideas for dates, that there will be a variety of options for the variety of personalities here at Wise Financial Man!

Lastly, we will make sure they are fun, although we can’t guarantee it’ll be the perfect date! Because that will be up to you and impressing her or him! Remember to have fun and just be yourself! Don’t make thing more complicated then they need to be! Sometimes simplicity is key.

Here are my top 10 cheap ideas for dates:

1.) Go Hiking: Hiking can be an excellent date for many reasons! It’s absolutely free (minus the gas to drive there), allows you two to be outside enjoying nature, and typically gives you two all the quiet time you could need allowing you to talk and get to know each other!

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2.) Hang Out at A Coffee Shop: Hanging out at a coffee shop seems to become more and more popular every year. With so many local and chain coffee shops opening up, such as Starbucks, there are many spots to choose from. Taking your date to a coffee shop is typically on the cheaper side while still be fun. You could have a nice conversation while he or she enjoys their favorite latte, frappuccino, tea, you get the idea. There is no time limit and typically this idea works well when getting to know someone! (And just think, if you’re in college, you could get some homework or studying done as well, making it a study date!)

3.) Rent a Redbox: Another excellent cheap idea for a date is rent a Redbox or watch a movie on Netflix! It’s super simple, allows you to have one on one time with the person, without breaking the bank. And if you want to spice it up, you could always get a cheap bottle of wine. This idea is good for someone that may not like crowded places or going outdoors!

4.) Go For a Walk: Many of you live in amazing places. Some live by the beach, in New York City, Washington DC, Hollywood, in the country, etc. My point here is that sometimes, just enjoying the amazing places you live can be a fun! Sometimes you just have to step outside, and go for a walk. The nice part about this, is that it gets you outdoors without breaking the bank. And if you guys are having fun, you can always extend your walk!

5.) Mini Golf: Mini golf can be a fun night out. Especially for those that may be competitive. Just remember it’s a date, your not playing for the Super Bowl here! Make sure to have fun and not to be too competitive! Mini golf is a relatively cheap date. Typically there are many places to choose from, and depending on how much time you have, you can either play half the course or the full course. Perfect for those wanting to do something interactive while still giving them the opportunity to talk and socialize!

6.) Bowling: Bowling has always been one of my favorite. It’s a date that you can do by yourself or with a group of friends! This can be nice if you or the other person are slightly shy or on the quiet side. Make it a double date and go bowling. It’s another interactive date that gives you time to talk and socialize! And typically, most bowling alleys have food and a bar. Just be careful not to go overboard and break the bank!

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7.) Plan a Bike Ride: Going for a bike ride can be an amazing and cheap date! Most people own bikes. And if they don’t no worries! Most cities have shops where you can rent bikes. You could always borrow a bike from a friend as well. Bike rides are a perfect outdoors activity that will give you time to socialize and get to know each other. You can bike to a destination like the beach, little fast food joint, a trail, etc. or just kind of go as you please. When in doubt, bike it out!

8.) Dessert Night Out: If you are looking for a fun night out, consider taking her or him out for dessert! You can go to a local ice cream spot or restaurant, and enjoy the best part about dinner, dessert, without breaking the bank. For those foodies that may not like being outside, this can be an excellent choice!

9.) Cook Together: Cooking together can be a very fun date. Especially if you both enjoy cooking! Find your favorite recipe online or on Pinterest, and try it out. The point is about spending time together more or less than how the food turns out. But hey, if the food turns out delicious, that’s just another plus!

10.) Go on a Picnic: If your looking for a simple but fun date, a great option is to go on a picnic! It’s cost efficient, while giving you guys ample time to talk and get to know each other. Another benefit is there is no time limit. If you guys are enjoying each other, you can stay as long as you would like. If you’re really looking to switch it up, you could always swing by your favorite food spot, and take it with you on the picnic!

The point here is that it’s not always about how much you spend on a date! You can have just as much fun if not more by getting outside and doing something. And for those that are not fans of out doors, no worries! There are many other options for you as well! The key is not going overboard, breaking out the credit card, and putting your self in debt! In reality all you’re going to do is continue to rack up debt, if you feel you have to drop money, every time you take her or him out on a date. Remember to stay on budget, and keep that frugal mindset! I hope you enjoyed the Wise Financial Man’s top 10 cheap ideas for dates! Leave a comment with your favorite cheap date idea!

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