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Wise Financial Man Introduction

Hi, and welcome to the Wise Financial Man Blog. I’m glad you found my blog and am excited to share with you free content on a wide variety of topics. Whether your interested in ways to save money, paying off debt, investing, or personally my favorite topic, figuring out the way to financial freedom, this blog is for you. This is not a live under a rock and save every dime you have type of blog. Instead, the Wise Financial Man Blog is about living life, enjoying the things you do with the people you love, while still being financially healthy. 


A quick background on me, the Wise Financial Man. I grew up in a blue collar family. My father was a teacher, and my mom worked for a small company. Eventually my mom was laid off from her job shifting the financial stress to my father. Luckily my family lived a frugal lifestyle, allowing them to save a large portion of their income, and invest it in other things allowing them to handle just about anything life threw at them. A large portion of their investing was in real estate. I’ve been fortunate enough to learn many lessons from my family and experiences of my own.


My family pushed me to go to college and attain a bachelors in accounting and a minor in finance. Funny enough is the career path I choose, uses very little of those skills. I was amazed to learn how little they teach you on personal finance skills in college. They don’t teach you about saving and the dangers of credit cards. They don’t teach you about how a car loan, student debt, or a large mortgage can literally kill your financial health making you live month to month. Instead they teach you that that’s the norm. To work hard, get good grades, get a high paying job, and go take out loans on the nicest car you can afford, the biggest house you can buy, purchase the nicest clothes, and put everything on credit cards. To go have social nights every Friday and Saturday night wracking up hundreds if not thousands in debt. 


I’m here to teach you the truth, THAT IS NOT THE WAY TO FINANCIAL FREEDOM!!! My Fiancé and I have been on the path to financial freedom for about two years now. Our focus has been obtaining financial freedom in the quickest way possible while enjoying life together and building the life we want. We’ve paid off thousands in credit card debt, our cars are practically paid off, we live a frugal lifestyle, and invest weekly, all allowing us to buy a beautiful average size home in a good area, travel the world, and enjoy hobbies of ours such as going on Harley rides, and our favorite, taking the boat out to the river (which we paid for in cash). Now I share this with you not to brag. But instead show you that through careful planning, hard work, sacrifices, and a frugal lifestyle, you can build the life you want. And the best part is... we are on our way to financial freedom and retiring early. We are excited you have decided to join us here at Wise Financial Man. Please feel free to explore our latest articles, and subscribe if you enjoyed your time here at Wise Financial Man!